Acceler8: Lead Generation 

Are you a small business looking to improve the number and quality of your leads?

David Shirley Founder Layer8

Don’t be one of the 60% of Australian small businesses who fail because you can’t generate and nurture leads.


Monday - Tuesday 4 - 5 Dec 2017 9.00AM - 5.00PM

North Sydney Training Centre 80 Mount St, North Sydney

Register for Acceler8: Lead Generation course and walk away with the ability to turn potential new clients into customers that buy again and again.

This unique and hands-on course by David Shirley from Layer8 provides you with:

  • An automated lead generation and customer nurturing system 
  • The know-how to implement the individual technological components of the system in to your work environment 
  • The competency of using the system, and reporting on its effectiveness 

Next program starts on 4th December 2017 – register now  

Acceler8: Lead Generation is a proven and tested strategy that can help you grow your business and stay in touch with your customers, so you are front-of-mind when they need your product or service. Too many Australian small businesses complain about not having enough ‘quality leads’. But this is only half of the problem.

Targeted leads + automated nurturing system = customers 

If you don’t have the time or know-how to properly nurture your current client base, then they will shop elsewhere. 

It’s hands-on, but not time-draining. You will learn how to create and develop: 

  • An automated lead generation system
  • A client avatar 
  • A lead magnet 
  • A landing page 
  • A social media advertisement 
  • Email autoresponders 
  • Measuring and reporting tools and processes

Next program starts on 4th December 2017 - register now

David uses a blended learning approach to training. This approach enables you to fit the coaching and course work into your busy life, whilst ensuring you get the hands-on experience and individual attention you need. 

Course structure: 

  • Pre-course webinar - explaining the course and what needs to be set up before you start. 
  • Two day face-to-face workshop - with David Shirley where you develop your own list of ‘ready-to-buy’ leads and set up your own nurturing campaign. 
  • Post-workshop webinar - where you get to talk about how your plan is being implemented and talk through any early results with the group who attended your workshop. 
  • Post workshop one-on-one – at a time that suits you, talk to David directly and ask the questions unique to your strategy so you can iron out any implementation chinks. 
  • Facebook Group – where you get to join others who have successfully worked through the program and share your learnings. 
  • Automation templates – accessible to all those who register so you can change and adapt your own strategy as your business grows. 
  • Open monthly webinars – to stay up to date with technological changes, digital trends and proven strategies to attract and maintain a thriving customer base.  

Whatever your situation, as the owner of a small business you need to understand how an automated lead generation and customer nurturing system works, so you can keep an eye on whether it’s being done correctly.

Don’t delay, register now. David’s courses are gaining momentum with SMBs because they are adaptable, credible, valuable and affordable.

Acceler8: Lead generation is a unique course for Australia. David’s strategy is not only simple, but effective and will boost your businesses productivity and profit, while giving you a manageable system that takes the guess work out of lead generation and management.


Date: Mon - Tues, 4-5 November, 2017 | Time: 9am - 5pm | Cost: $1,850 (inc GST)

Presented by David Shirley 

David Shirley is an expert in Lead Generation for small businesses. Because he owns a small business himself, David understands that as an owner of a small business you either have to do it yourself, outsource it, or employ someone to do it for you. 

Join us for this extremely valuable program that is not to be missed. We start in. . .