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Full Day Workshop

A live, interactive and engaging day developed to educate groups on proven time management principles and their practical implementation with the technology that you use. Designed specifically so you can gain complete control of your time, tasks and email. Click here more information

Executive 1:1 Coaching

Designed to meet the needs of executives, one-on-one coaching provides a tailor made solution developed with the needs of a busy professional in mind. Delivered over four 90-minute sessions, time management principles are strategically implemented with your own technology for peak performance. Private coaching is designed to ensure we maximise effectiveness and increase efficiencies so you can gain the greatest control of your time and tasks. For a more information and a free session

Online Blended Learning

This program offers both flexibility and accountability, delivered over a 2-week period with a mixture of live online virtual classroom and online self-paced recorded modules delivered to suit your schedule. Over this period attend two live seminars in an interactive environment so you can see first hand how best to leverage your new skills. This integrated program is designed to ensure you are able to effectively implement the principles of time management with your technology by the end of the two weeks.

Online Recorded Program

This part-time and flexible online course is delivered to maximise your efficiencies. You decide when, where and at what pace you gain insight and instruction on proven time management principles. Then learn how to execute new strategies through practical implementation with the technology you use. Delivered over six modules you will receive the knowledge and skills required to gain complete control of your time, tasks and email. Register your interest here

How We Work

THE WHY – Peak Performance Model

People at the top of their game have systems that support them. Time Management and use of Technology is paramount to your success.


Our peak performance model helps you:

  1. Identify areas for improvement
  2. Develop and enhance your skills
  3. Gain complete control of your time and technology.


It’s what we do best.

THE HOW – Effectiveness Cycle

At Layer 8 we know that you will succeed when you feel confident, in-control and capable. We help implement a simple yet effective cycle of accountability. This ensures your efficient use of Time and Technology.


It’s what you will love.

THE WHAT – Layer 8 Signature System

Our signature system is how we support you in minimising time wastage and maximising the features of your technology. Step by step we help you create a personalised and trusted system to enhance efficiencies and increase your overall effectiveness in business.


It’s how we change your world.

Meet David

David Shirley

Time Management & Technology Expert

Imagine freeing up five to ten hours a week for your most valued employees? Multiply that out across your team at work and it can easily become the equivalent of full-time staff – all without adding resources to your talent pool. Layer8 is a leading time and task management consultancy that has successfully been training a broad range of companies in smart, productive and effective use of corporate technology since 2007. As a time management and technology expert, David Shirley draws on over 17 years’ experience training corporate professionals. His goal? – to implement proven time management principles using technology that will achieve an effective, balanced work environment for maximum productivity. Layer8 delivers targeted training programs to medium and large companies throughout Australia and the US. Proficient across all platforms - Windows, Mac, Outlook, Mail, iDevice and Android – clients can engage in group workshops as well as customised one-on-one coaching sessions for managers and C-level individuals and a selection of online programs to suit individual self-paced learning. Layer8 will show you how to reclaim unproductive, wasted time. Together we’ll integrate your technology tools to create a trusted, personal productivity system designed for success.

If you do tomorrow what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today 

— Benjamin Franklin

What our customers say


Some numbers to take note of


minutes required, on average, to resume a task after being interrupted, another 15 minutes to regain the same intense focus or ``flow`` as before the interruption.


percentage of people that say they open an email because of the subject line.


percent of what knowledge workers are looking for exists in their email, file shares, desktop folders, or SharePoint sites.


percentage of respondents believe it is very important to improve the ability to find the right information.

David Shirley / Layer8 supports White Ribbon Australia


Having nine aunties, a wife and three daughters, it was a no brainer when deciding what charity I wanted to support. White Ribbon – Australia’s campaign to stop violence against women. White Ribbon is Australia’s only national, male led Campaign to end men’s violence against women. Vision – All women live in safety free from all forms of men’s violence. Mission – Making women’s safety a man’s issue too. The campaign works through primary prevention initiatives involving awareness raising and education, and programs with youth, schools, workplaces and across the broader community. Globally, White Ribbon is the world’s largest male-led movement to end men’s violence against women. Originating in Canada in 1991, White Ribbon is now active in more than 60 countries.

All my ‘free’ workshop/sessions require a donation to White Ribbon.

David Shirley, White Ribbon Advocate.

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“I’m great at multi-tasking: I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once.” Would I be wrong in saying everyone has been challenged by procrastination at some point in their lives? For some there are simple solutions to implement, for others it’s how they live their lives. So, what actually is procrastination? Let’s […]

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09 MAR 2017 David 1

Keep EVERYTHING. Learn how to SEARCH.

It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste’ – Henry Ford Too many people waste time filing things in elaborate filing systems then struggle to find them. Confucius say – ‘Storage is cheap. Keep everything. Processors are fast. Learn how to search’. Actually he didn’t really but […]

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Your most productive day happens about four days a year

‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.’ – Arthur Ashe We’ve all been there before. You have a mountain of things to get done – most of which have been on your to-do list for weeks. Today though you are focused, ruthless even. Confident in saying no to interruptions and […]

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23 NOV 2015 David 0


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OSI-ModelTo move from the proprietary computing world of mainframe computers (IBM, DEC, Unisys, etc) where they were unable to communicate with each other, the industry needed a model of network architecture to describe inter-computer communications.

In 1977 work began on what became the OSI (Open System Interconnect) Model. The OSI Model has 7 layers that each describe a particular function in communications from Layer 1 (Physical Layer) through Layer 3 (Network Layer) to Layer 7 (Application Layer). The identification of layers made it possible for engineers to describe easily where the problem may be: “It’s a Layer 2 issue” or “a problem with Layer3”. And then Layer8 was coined, meaning the problem lay with the user.

Layer8 – Technology’s Human Interface